Choosing a Face Mask Your Kids Will Love!

When looking for a comfortable face mask here are some key features to look for to ensure that it will be comfortable for you child and provide adequate protection:

Making Sure Your Kids’ Masks are Comfortable

  1. Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face Completely cover the nose and mouth Are secured with ties or ear loops Include multiple layers of fabric (World Head Organization recommends Three)
  2. Allow for breathing without restriction Can be washed and machine dried without damage or change to shape Have multiple face coverings available allowing you to wash them daily and having backups ready
  3. Mark your childs face covering in permanent marker so they do not get confused as belonging to another child.
  4. Some kids who are wearing glasses may find that they fog up. This is indicative of the mask not being a proper fit which is allowing moisture to escape from their mouth causing their glasses to fog up.

Ways You Can Encourage Your Child to Wear Face Coverings:

  1. Praise your child for wearing the Face cloth correctly
  2. Use a face cloth for your stuffed animals
  3. Show images of other children wearing face cloths
  4. Allow your child to choose a face covering that they like. Now That they are common they can be customizable for kids to pick a facemask with a design that suits their personality.

Emphasizing the Importance of them Keeping on Their Mask

It is also now a good opportunity to get kids used to having masks on for longer periods of time. It will be helpful to try their masks out as home for an extended period of time so you can get a better sense of what works well for them in terms of fit and comfort. Also it is an opportunity for you to see how they put on and take off their masks and provide them with feedback to help them with the use of their masks independently.

I would recommend wearing masks while they are at school at their desks. Although the government of Alberta has made it optional the Edmonton School Board has made it mandatory for grades 4 and up. This is because in a closed off environment like a classroom it may be difficult to properly social distance. It may also be a good idea to discuss with your child that not all children may be wearing face masks because they may have conditions such as severe Asthma which may make it difficult for them to use face coverings.

Tips For Properly Wearing and Taking Care of Their Face Masks

There is a lot of great information out there in regards to tips on wearing masks. CBC has recently done a few articles that go in depth on what the best practices are in regards to wearing masks. Below I will highlight some of their tips in regards to wearing them:

  • It is not safe to pull down your mask and tuck it away below your chin when you are not using it. You are exposing parts of the mask to potential contamination via droplets and germs that are in the environment.
  • When removing or wearing masks it is better to grab the masks by the ear loops because this is a potential point of contamination for your hands if you touch the mask. It is recommended to wash your hands before wearing the mask and after removal of it.

How Not to Wear a Mask

The NY times released a great article that covers how and how not wear a mask:

You want the mask to start at the bridge of the nose and goes all the way down under your chin. Make sure it is tight around your ears so it does not leave any gaps along its sides.

Managing Their Masks

When storing your mask it is recommended to use a paper bag or envelope. These are recommended because they do not retain moisture while something like a plastic ziplock bag can trap moisture which can encourage the growth of bacteria. In areas of low risk it is acceptable to carry it in your pocket if you do not have a proper manner for storage.

Currently, it is being recommended to bring 2 clean masks per day where you child can wear one up until lunch and then switch to the other mask after lunch. When they finish with their mask at lunch they should store it in a pouch or envelope that is dedicated for contaminated masks and that they store their unused masks in an area that is only for their clean masks.

We Can Answer Your Questions About COVID-19

If you have any questions about COVID-19 or what you can do to ensure the safety for you and your family do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to provide you with friendly advice. At iCare Pharmacy we always provide free delivery along with expert advice!



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