Navigating the Adventure of Parenting: Tackling Biting and Pushing with Hugs and Kisses


Today, I want to dive into a thrilling chapter of my parenting journey, a challenge that’s not for the faint-hearted – dealing with my little dynamo, Atlas, and his biting and pushing escapades. Join me to discover sone tips and tricks we used in our journey.



Supervision: Let’s be honest, parenthood is like being a detective on a never-ending case. I’ve discovered the power of closer supervision, especially during playtime or social interactions. While Atlas’s biting and pushing may have some playful intentions, we’ve realized that a little extra attention can go a long way in guiding him toward positive interactions.



Tiny Tales of Friendship: Now, let me share a secret with you – Atlas’s cousins have been our sidekicks in this journey! They understand his “Play” language, and together we’ve created a safe haven where positive interactions reign supreme. Through their gentle guidance, Atlas is learning the art of hugging instead of pushing, and showering kisses instead of nibbles. It’s like watching a magical story unfold before our eyes!



Reinventing Playtime: With Atlas’s favorite teal elephant as our trusty guide, we embark on a mission to demonstrate alternative behaviors in the most playful way possible. Hugging and kissing our stuffed friend encourages Atlas to follow suit, spreading love and laughter wherever he goes. Even a simple “Hi” and wave can work wonders in building connections. Turns out, making friends can be a piece of cake, or should I say, a trunk of hugs?



Praising Superhero Actions: In our household, we have a tradition of celebrating every superhero move! Whenever Atlas chooses to show affection instead of pushing or biting, we throw a party of praises and applause. These victories are the stepping stones to his greatness, and we make sure he knows how much of a rockstar he truly is!



Empathy Quest: Empathy might be a challenging concept for our tiny adventurer, but we believe that teaching it early on can work wonders. So, we’ve made it our quest to help Atlas understand how his actions can affect others. Through tales of feelings and emotions, we hope to awaken the empathy superhero within him!



Cracking the Code: Every adventurer knows that understanding the signs is crucial for success. In Atlas’s case, his biting and pushing happen when he’s over the moon with excitement or feeling a bit weary. And guess what? He bites his mom to grab some attention with a big, cheeky smile! By deciphering these codes, we’ve unlocked the power to mitigate unwanted behaviors.



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: As the famous saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So, we’ve made it a point to communicate with other parents and Atlas’s daycare superheroes. Sharing our journey with them not only keeps everyone in the loop but also helps us gain valuable insights and strategies from the pros!



The Magic of Calm: The secret to surviving these attention-seeking escapades lies in staying calm. Reacting with a gentle approach helps Atlas grasp that his biting and pushing may not be the way to go. By providing comfort and love, we help him understand that we’re here for him no matter what.


So, there you have it, fellow adventurers – the twists and turns in our quest to tackle biting and pushing with love and laughter! As I scribble down these words, I’m reminded that I’m no expert; I’m just a fellow explorer sharing my tales. I promise to keep you all updated on the effectiveness of our strategies. If you’ve braved similar challenges and have some wisdom to share, I’m all ears! Let’s join forces, learn together, and create a beautiful world of happy, giggly superheroes!


Yours in parenting adventures,

Wasif, the Pharmacy Dad, and Atlas, the Little Explorer, iCare Pharmacy




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