Spread the Love ❤️. Not the Flu 😷


Flu season is upon us, and this year, I wanted to focus on the idea of Spreading the Love but not the Flu. Although it is not Valentine’s day I do feel like Cupid. That is because I am giving out Flu as well as Covid shots. And if you get one, what that means is more hugs and kisses for you and your loved ones this season. It means more hanging out with friends and families whether it is to catch an Oilers game or hanging out with loved ones during this upcoming holiday season.

So whether you’re planning a winter fling, sharing hugs and kisses with your loved ones or just hanging out with friends the flu shot will help you do it longer and more often. Cupid at iCare Pharmacy wants to help you stay healthy and happy!



COVID, the Unwanted Guest

Cupid also knows that COVID, like that houseguest who just won’t leave, keeps evolving with new variants. And now there is a new variant in town, the XB variant. We do have the new booster shots available for Moderna and Pfizer which will help protect you against the variant.




The RSV Vaccine

RSV also known as respiratory syncytial virus is a virus that increases and thickens the mucus secretions. In healthy adults it is usually well tolerated but in the very young and those over 60 years of age it can be a problem because they do not have a proper means to clear these excessive secretions. Luckily there is a new RSV vaccine that is available now that can help prevent you from catching the virus in the first place.

It is currently available for purchase and some insurances do pay for it but there is supposed to be an allotment of public stock available to patients over the age of 60. It has not been made available yet so stay tuned and I will post an update as soon as I have new information on it.




Closing Thoughts

Flu season doesn’t have to be a time of worry and sniffles. With Cupid of Health by your side at iCare Pharmacy, you can enjoy the season of love without fearing the flu. So, if you’re looking to stay healthy and protect your loved ones, don’t hesitate to ask for the Flu and Covid immunizations.

Let’s make this winter a season of joy, love, and good health. Stay tuned for more tips and updates and do not hesitate if you have any questions!

Pharmacy Dad



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