So, you’re all set for that dream vacation you’ve been planning for months. You’ve mapped out the hipster hotspots and uncovered some hidden gems that are sure to make your trip unforgettable. But before you jet off to your dream destination, let’s ensure you have everything you need to stay healthy and worry-free throughout your adventure.


Travel Documents and Essentials:

  • Passport: Your ticket to adventure. Don’t forget it!
  • Plane Ticket: Treat yourself to that upgrade to Economy Plus for that extra legroom and comfort.
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the elements and keep those rays at bay.
  • Pina Colada: Okay, that’s not essential, but it’s a vacation must!



Vaccinations: Your Passport to Health

  • Different Destinations, Different Vaccines: The vaccines you need depend on your travel destination.  What you need for Vietnam is going to be a lot more different then France
  • Local Disease Risks: Rural areas may expose you to different diseases than urban settings. Think Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Entry Requirements: Some countries, like Ecuador and Brazil, require specific vaccinations such as Yellow Fever to ensure everyone’s safety.



Activity-Specific Vaccinations:

What you do on your vacation has as much of an impact as to where you are going.  Below are some example about how your activities and the type of vacation you go on will impact the type of vaccinations that you might need:

  • Monkey Forest Adventures in Bali: If you’re planning to hang out with aggressive monkeys you should consider Rabies vaccination.  Rabies is nothing to mess with!
  • Volunteering in Remote Areas: Tetanus, Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A and B may be necessary depending on your location.
  • Cruise Control: Being in close quarters on a cruise with everyone it would be wise to get a Flu shot and make sure your COVID vaccinations are up to date.



Immunization History:

  • Don’t Panic: If you missed a vaccine dose, it’s not too late to complete the series and gain full immunity.  You do not need to restart the whole series again.
  • Vaccination Records:  Some of your immunization records are on Alberta Health.  However some times information is missing or you may have gotten immunizations outside of Alberta making your records incomplete.  
  • Check Records: This is why it’s always a good idea to make paper copies of your immunization history.  And you know who is your best historian?  Probably your mom!  Don’t forget to give her a hug!



Timing is Key:

  • Don’t Wait: Don’t leave vaccinations for the last minute; they take time to kick in.  They take a minimum of 2 weeks at least to take effect depending on the vaccine.
  • Plan Ahead: Get your vaccinations at least a month before your trip to avoid traveling with a sore arm or mild fever.




Medications on the Go:

  • Pack Smart: Take enough medication to cover your trip, plus a little extra for unexpected delays.
  • Keep Them Separated: Store your medication in their appropriate vials to avoid suspicion and facilitate airport security checks.  Don’t dump them all in one vial.  That is a sure fire way to trigger a search.
  • Carry On, Not Check In: Always carry your medication in your carry-on baggage. You can’t rely on checked luggage.  Because you will get there…Your luggage…maybe not so much?

Now that you have your travel health essentials covered, you’re ready to embark on your adventure with peace of mind. Whether you’re sipping Pina Coladas on the beach, exploring exotic destinations, or volunteering in remote areas, taking care of your health should always be a top priority. So go ahead, make unforgettable memories, and let your journey be the stuff of travel legends! Safe travels!




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