Protecting Your Health: Minimizing Smoke Exposure During Alberta Wildfires


The recent Alberta wildfires have resulted in some of the poorest air quality we have experienced in the world over the past week. According to the Air Quality Health Index, our air quality in the Edmonton Region has reached levels as high as 11, which is considered extremely hazardous.


To minimize exposure to smoke and reduce symptoms caused by the Alberta wildfires, here are some tips for Edmontonians


Close all windows and outside doors to keep pollutants out of your home and allow the ventilation system to effectively remove them from the air


Lower furnace thermostats and furnace fans to the minimum setting. This can help reduce the amount of smoke being drawn into your home through the ventilation system.


Avoid engaging in strenuous outdoor activities, especially for children and the elderly who are more vulnerable to the effects of poor air quality.


Consider using air conditioners and air purifiers that can filter out smoke particles and other pollutants like pollen, ensuring cleaner indoor air.


If you have asthma, always remember to carry your inhaler. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to be prepared. I recall a recent incident during indoor ball hockey where we had three asthmatic teammates and none of them brought their inhalers with them.  One of them experienced a flareup with their Asthma but luckily they recovered once they were pulled out of the game.


It is crucial for everyone to prioritize their safety and that of their loved ones. Let’s hope for rain soon to help extinguish the wildfires, allowing evacuated individuals to return to their homes.


Take care and stay safe


Wasif Kamal

Pharmacy Dad

iCare Pharmacy




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