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Addressing the Shortage of Children’s Tylenol and Advil

If you have been to a pharmacy lately and you have sick little ones at home you will notice the empty shelves where there usually was Tylenol and Advil for infants and Children. There has been a shortage of it for months and coming across some feels like winning the lottery at this point because it is so hard to find.

Why is there a shortage of medication?

There has been a manufacturing shortage most likely due to inaccessibility to raw ingredients usually used to make the formula but also with kids back into school there has been a large demand for it as well causing a squeeze on both ends.

Don’t forget that you can still use cool compresses and give lukewarm baths. With our little one he had four to five days where Tylenol and Advil were not cutting it and he was still experiencing 40 degree fevers. But by giving him cool compresses and baths we were able to get his temperature back down to 36 degrees. Make sure that they get plenty of liquids and rest as well. Also do not give your child Aspirin as this has been associated with Reye syndrome when given to young children.

What do I do if my child runs a fever?

We have made formulations at the pharmacy that are equivalent in concentration to infant and children’s Tylenol as well as infant and Children Advil. The only difference is that these formulations have a shorter expiry date. They are only good for 90 days but otherwise they are equivalent in dosing. They are given at the same dosages as their equivalent products to Tylenol and Advil. You can always discuss with us and we can help guide you as to what the proper dose is based on their weight.

If you do need Tylenol or Advil you can call or text us today and we can see if we try to help you and your family with our compounded formulation.

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