Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy and Passports
September 21, 2021

Alberta Health has announced that starting September 21st you can book appointments to get your Covid-19 Bivalent booster. This will help to boost your immunity so it is more resilient against the Covid-19 virus.

What makes the Bivalent vaccine different from the other vaccines we received?

This is an updated vaccine that targets the BA.5 variant otherwise known as the Omicron variant which is a new strain that was a bit resistant to the old formulation of the vaccine.

How soon can I get the vaccine?

Vaccination appointments are available as early as September 21st.

Am I eligible to get the booster now?

The Moderna Bivalent booster is available to any who is 18 and over. In order to be eligible you must have completed the Primary series and at least 5 months must have passed since you finished it. If you have had a Covid infection in the past it must be at least 5 months since you have recovered from it.

Can I get the Pfizer Bivalent booster?

Currently Pfizer is only available as the original vaccine in Alberta and only the Moderna is available at this moment as the updated Bivalent.

Can I have the Moderna Bivalent vaccine if I had Pfizer previously?

Yes you can mix the vaccines together without any issues.

I have had 2 boosters already? Am I eligible for the Moderna Bivalent Vaccine?

As long as your last booster or Covid infection was 5 months ago. In order to be eligible you must have completed the original series first.

Can I get the Flu Shot and the Moderna Bivalent booster at the same time?

Yes there is no problem in getting them both together at same time. You will just receive them in different arms.

If you are interested in booking an appointment you can book online through this link or you can text us directly to reserve a spot for your vaccination.

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