Hepatitis C Treatments

What is Hepatitis-C?

Hepatitis-C is a viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver. By causing inflammation of the liver it affects how well it functions. The purpose of the liver is to help detoxify the body of toxins such as alcohol or waste our body produces normally.

Hepatitis-C is spread via blood through various activities such as sharing of needles, needlestick injuries or by a mother passing it onto her child in her womb. It can also sometimes be spread through sharing of personal items such as razor blades, sexual intercourse or a patient may get it if they get a tattoo or a piercing with equipment that is not properly sterilized.

We carry and can council on medications for Liver conditions. Many medications are also processed through the liver and may be hard on the liver. Ask us today which medications are right for your needs and we will be happy to do an evaluation of your therapy for both prescription and non-prescription treatments.

Loss of appetite
Joint pain
Jaundice (yellow color in the skin or eyes)

There are a variety of different medications used for the treatment of Hepatitis-C. Which ones that are best for you will depend on your genotype. The medications can have some side effects but they are generally mild. Side effects include diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, headache, lowered red blood cell count, nausea, itchy skin and tiredness. Contact us today and we can help guide you in your treatment.

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