How We Put the Care in iCare Pharmacy

How will iCare Pharmacy make my life easier?

Our goals at iCare Pharmacy are Care, Compassion and Convenience. Going to the pharmacy does not have to be agony. We offer a variety of different services that will make your life more comfortable:

Our free delivery service where we bring the convenience of the pharmacy to you!

We take the anxiety out of managing your refills.

When you are running out of your medication we are there to take care of you!

If you are ever in a pinch we can even prescribe for you!

Do not waste time standing in line at a pharmacy again. You are sick and you should be at home resting with us coming to you. Put your trust in the little guys with big hearts! Put your trust into iCare Pharmacy and call us today!

What makes iCare Pharmacy so amazing compared to other pharmacies?

If you go to a grocery store with a pharmacy or a larger pharmacy do you notice that the pharmacy is often buried in the back or off to the side and hard to find?

The pharmacy is strategically placed so it helps to promote other things they have for sale. For example it is no accident that for grocery stores when you walk in typically you are walking through the bakery, fruits and vegetables section or makeup section to get to the pharmacy. Of course it is in their best interest to show you everything they offer while you wait for your prescription.

But with this model of pharmacy are you really getting the most out of your health? When you come to iCare Pharmacy our dispensaries are front and center! That is because we are a pharmacy first and we make your health our priority!

As such our focus is on services that better your health and give you a healthier tomorrow!

Majority of these services are provided FREE of charge!

  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Consultations
  • Chronic Pain management
  • Diabetes management
  • Hypertension management
  • Incontinence Consultation
  • Medication Care Plans
  • Pharmacy Prescribing
  • Blister Packaging
  • Compounding
  • Refill Reminders

You deserve to get the most out of your treatment! Don’t let your health be compromised by distractions! Do not sell your health short. Choose iCare Pharmacy today for a healthier tomorrow!

Since you are a Boutique Pharmacy does that mean you have higher prices?

We are a local Boutique pharmacy with two locations in Edmonton. We have our original store located in the heart or Killarney as well as our new Flagship Windermere location which oozes with comfort and relaxation. Although we are smaller than the bigger box retail pharmacies you will be surprised how competitive our prices are. No, we are very competitive in terms of pricing. We have access to the same distributors as other pharmacies, making us able to carry a regular supply of your medications at all times. We keep an eye out for drug shortages, as well as direct bill all insurance plans.

We offer a lot of additional complimentary services that helps provide you the very best in value and vitality! Contact us today and you will wonder why you never called us earlier!

What is it like to be an iCare Pharmacy Patient?

At your pharmacy does your pharmacist know you by name? Your doctor knows you by name. Why should it be any different with your pharmacist?

When a patient walks into iCare Pharmacy we know who you are, what your goals are, what has worked for you in the past and what you have not tried yet. Your pharmacy should be an important part of your team to manage your health. Read our reviews to see what kind of impact we are making on the health of our patients! Feel confident in putting your health in our hands! Contact us today!

Our Story -- Windermere | Killarney

iCare Pharmacy is a locally owned community pharmacy. A passionate and dedicated team of pharmacists and a technician envisioned it in 2016. The team believes in providing patients with a well-rounded approach to health and health care management. To that end, they brought their experiences, knowledge, expertise, and best practices to better serve their patients in the community. iCare Pharmacy prides itself in following the highest standards in patient care. iCare pharmacy team strives towards our patients' and community's good health and well-being.

In the Community

Additionally, we are well involved in the community. For example, we provide clinics as well as lectures free of charge for various events such as Chronic Pain, Medical Cannabis, Compounding as well as Incontinence.

Also, we're proud to ride in the bike tour for MS every year. Interested in joining us? Register here: MS Bike Tour

Please check our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see what we are up to next in the community!

What We Do

The list of services we provide at our locations include:

Vaccinations: We can prescribe and administer the vaccinations if needed.

Travel consultation: Consultations are free of charge and we can both prescribe and administer medications if needed.

High Blood Pressure Consultation

Diabetes Management and Education

High Cholesterol Management and Education

Chronic Pain Management-iCare Pharmacy Windermere

AADL Incontinence Supplies-iCare Pharmacy Windermere

Medication Care Plans: Talk to us today and let us see how we can fine tune your therapy to ensure you are getting the most out of it!

Pharmacy Prescribing: We can prescribe your medications if you are running short before your next appointment. If you have a minor ailment, we can provide an assessment and prescribe to help manage it.

Joint Injectable Materials

Hepatitis-C Treatments

Blister Packs: We package your medications to help you organize and keep track of them.

Delivery: We provide free delivery anywhere in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St.Albert.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Stop by and see how we can help!