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December 4, 2018
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Treating Cold and Flu

Literally, everyone suffers from the common cold. Influenza commonly known as "flu" affects millions of Canadians every year. It generally spreads through the viruses present in the nasal droplets or coughed up phlegm. In fact, you would be surprised to know that common cold costs the Canadian economy a whopping $6-billion per year. If you are also affected by cold and flu, then here are a few treatment options that you can try.

Stay Hydrated

Your body is 60% water. So it is no wonder when we are sick in order for it to work optimally and to give it the best chance of fighting an infection we need to keep well hydrated. Be sure to avoid sugary drink because if anything they will dehydrate you. Drinking plenty of water will help replace water lost to respiratory tract infections, fever and even loosen mucus.

The Power of Steam

You can use something like the steam from a warm shower or put a towel over your head and inhale steam from a bowl of hot water. This will help reduce inflammation and keep your nasal passages clear. Alternatively you can also run a humidifier to also help with symptoms of breathing that may occur during a cold.

Zinc Lozenges

If you feel a cold coming on you can use some Zinc lozenges and this may actually shorten the duration of your cold. Zinc lozenges can stop the virus from multiplying and from settling into the mucous membranes of your nose and throat.

Gargling with Salt Water

Gargling with Salt water can help with some of the itchy scratchy feelings in your throat that you may get during a cold. It can help clear the phlegm in the back of your throat as well. Alternatively using lozenges, ice chips and a humidifier will also help with any irritation to your throat during the cold.

Tis the Season...for Colds

Any remedies that we can recommend for the most part are there just to make you more comfortable. When it comes to cures for the common cold they still do not have one. So if your cold is really bad maybe the best thing for you is to stay inside nice and cozy underneath some blankets. And when you stay in you are not only helping yourself by giving your body much needed rest but you are also helping others as you are contagious and the last thing you want to do is get friends and family sick too.

A Spoonful of Honey

Honey can soothe your throat but also did you know it also acts a natural cough suppressant? Before trying something over the counter you may want to give honey a try. Recommended by our friend Miss Poppins! But you cannot give it under the age of 1 as it may cause complications in infants.

Although we have mentioned some useful tips for treating cold and flu, you must visit your doctor if your situation deteriorates. Accurate diagnosis is imperative and it’s never wise to take chances with your health.

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