How to Reduce Joint Pain and Improve Mobility?

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Reduce Joint Pain
Is your knee joint hurting due to overexertion from power workouts? Is the joint pain restricting you from moving and conducting any voluntary activities right now? If you said ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then there’s a higher chance that you may suffer from chronic joint pain. To avoid or prevent chronic joint pain, you can try the following joint pain treatments. These treatments can bring instant relief from the pain and improve mobility.


You may experience joint pain when the tendons in the joints are inflamed due to an injury. The pain can be categorized as mild, severe, or chronic. During muscle inflammation, various acids and chemicals in our body are released to the affected area. A leak of these fluids in the tissues of the joint results in swelling and the affected area feels warmer than the rest of the body. Applying ice or an ice pack over the swollen joint can bring instant relief. Cold temperatures reduce blood flow around the affected muscle and therefore, reduces joint pain. This joint pain treatment using ice therapy is known as cryotherapy. When you first experienced the pain, you can apply ice over the pain and swelling every hour for 15 minutes.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for instant pain relief has become a popular joint pain treatment. After applying an ice pack, trying to move the affected joint is extremely important. If the movement is highly restricted, it can indicate a fracture. Here are some physical therapies that can bring relief and improve mobility.


Doing mild exercises can reduce muscle soreness and loosen the tight muscles around an inflamed tendon. Stretching can significantly minimize the pain by releasing the necessary chemicals in the swollen joints and improve mobility to some extent. Regular exercise after minimizing the joint pain can improve your mobility.


Using certain essential oils and ointments, you can massage the affected joint in circular motions to bring relief from joint pain. There are many joint pain ointments like creams, rubs, balms, sprays, oils, etc. for each kind of joint pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, etc., have specific ointments for each illness providing instant relief. You can also take professional assistance for some pain relief massages like shoulder-back massage, physiotherapy massages, deep tissue massages, etc.

Alternative Medical Treatments


If your joint pain doesn’t seem to subside with other remedies, medical assistance is worth trying. Some joint pain treatments like acupuncture can profoundly reduce chronic joint pain. In acupuncture therapy, fine needles are injected in your skin on and around certain energy points near the affected joint. The needles stimulate specific acupoints that trigger pain. This stimulation reduces muscle stress with minimal discomfort.

Joint Injectables Materials

If you are suffering from unbearable chronic pain and you find it difficult to move, doctors may suggest using joint injections for instant relief. One such injection brand option is the NeoVisc which includes the synovial fluid that provides lubrication and cushioning of the joint. They are available at our iCare Pharmacy and can be delivered to you at home. Its chemical composition mimics the hyaluronic acids which are naturally present in the joints that are responsible for pain relief.

There are various medications that are specific to different causes of joint pain. If you are suffering from any joint pain, consult your nearest general physician to know the cause of the pain and get the right diagnosis.

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