From Our Store to Your Door

FREE Delivery of Prescription Medications to Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park.

From Our Store To Your Door

Are you spending too much time in line at the Pharmacy?

Our priority is your health. Health is Wealth

When you visit us we will have you in and out! Do not waste time in long lines!

Better yet with our FREE delivery you do not even have to come in and we will come to you!

How having your medications delivered keeps you healthier!

Less potential exposure to others who are sick keeping you healthy!

Keeping others safe by reducing chances of you spreading infection.

Allowing you to stay home and rest so you can get back to doing what you love!

How are we keeping you healthier now

Contactless Delivery

Only accepting Credit or Debit instead of Cash

Frequent Sanitization of Surfaces at the Pharmacy

Encouraging patients to interact from a safe distance to minimize potential infection

Getting Started

Getting started is super easy! Click the Free Delivery button or the Truck icon () on mobile.

Choose from the following options:

New Prescription

If you have a new prescription or insurance information you can upload it using your phone

Prescription from another Pharmacy

If you have a prescription at another pharmacy we can transfer it for you.

Refill at iCare Pharmacy

We also take care of anything else you may need such as refills or contacting your physician

We will ask some basic questions about yourself as well as the medications you would like filled

We deliver Free of charge allowing you to even track your delivery with your phone!

iCare Pharmacy